Product family

The concept of the eMiliarium points beyond a singular design event. Rather, it is about families that follow the same conditions of material justice and function, but are always - comparable to processes of crystallisation - only variations of a multitude of possible bodies. There will still be whole series of families, which, as a distinction, have all the possibilities of surface finishing in addition to their stone type and geometry.

For the time being, has developed the design for three families that build on each other and can be combined. In general, care was taken to use material-efficient geometries in the production and to interlock the different shapes. This enables a high utilisation of the raw material and results in a particularly resource-saving, sustainable product.

Family 1

Family 1 shows perhaps the most original form. The soft curve of an elliptical cut initially creates a rounded monolith that clearly echoes the visual habit of the milestones. In contrast, its geometric counterpart - the back of the dividing cut - appears surprisingly modern with its sweeping, concave lines.

Family 2

Family 2 creates only one shape with the same concept of cut and two geometric counterparts. Their inclined angle creates equally trapezoidal bodies on both sides of the dividing cuts. When erected, this family appears particularly stable via the conical course of the side lines and in this way communicates the durability of the object.

Family 3

Family 3 further prioritises the desire to reduce the use of materials and shows a slender ashlar as the most minimal version of a body into which the functional modules can still be integrated. Even the conical cut in the area of the upper end is sufficient here to show the monolithic structure of the material. This binds even this simple basic form into the ductus of the families of shapes.